Unlock Your Ride: Rent a scooter Now

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it advantageous to book a scooter online?

We ensure the best available prices, guaranteeing that you won`t find a better deal even at the rental company`s office. Additionally, booking in advance secures the availability of your desired scooter, preventing all vehicles from being booked upon your arrival at the office.

2. What are the costs of rentascooter.mk services?

Our services come at no cost to you; there are no commission fees or credit card charges for customers. We have exclusive agreements with all listed rental companies, and they compensate us. As a customer, the price remains the same as if you were renting directly on arrival. Our website is user-friendly, and we occasionally offer special deals.

3. How can I ensure the rental company accepts my rentascooter.mk voucher?

When you make a reservation through rentascooter.mk, you enter into a direct contractual relationship with the scooter provider (rental company). The rental company is aware of your booking and will provide the exact scooter you reserved. If the booked scooter is unavailable, they will offer a better one at no extra cost.

4. Payment

You only need to pay a small portion of the total price at the time of booking to secure your reservation. The remaining amount is paid when you pick up your scooter.

5. Can I cancel my scooter booking?

Certainly! Plans can change, and you can cancel or modify your reservation. Free cancellation is possible at any time more than 48 hours before the rental period begins. After 48 hours, the full rental price is charged. Please note that the online payment made to secure your booking is non-refundable.

6. Do I need a driving license for renting a scooter?

Requirements vary by country and scooter type. Refer to the rental company`s rules on the booking page. No driving license is needed for bicycles. Generally, a B (car) category license is required for quad bikes or 50cc scooters. A1 or A (motorcycle) category is needed for scooters or motorcycles with engines exceeding 100cc. In some places, you can rent a 125cc scooter with a B (car) license if held for at least 3 years. Minimum age for renting is usually 18 or 21.

7. What is a CDW for scooters?

A CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is the amount paid by the renter to the rental company in case the scooter is stolen or damaged. It reduces the renter`s liability for damage costs to an excess amount and covers damage to the scooter or its parts.

8. What if the scooter is stolen or damaged?

Contact your provider promptly. Without full insurance, you may be charged for damages. Additional or full insurance is often offered as an extra service, and rentascooter.mk recommends purchasing it. In case of theft, present keys, documents, and the police theft complaint to avoid charges. Always review the rental agreement for additional terms.